Bernina B435 Sewing Machine


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Handmade. Hand crafted. Unique. Expressing yourself with skillfully stitched fabrics is an art. Whether you do that with a perfectly designed dress or a lovingly pieced together quilt, the result is the same – you are sharing a part of who you are. For over 125 years, BERNINA has been, and continues to be in awe of you and your craft. You are why quality matters. Your craft deserves a line of machines that live up to your standards, surpass your expectations and help bring your creativity to life. These are those machines. ∙ PERFECT STITCHES WITH THE BERNINA HOOK ∙ POWERFUL DC MOTOR FOR THICK MATERIALS ∙ FEWER INTERRUPTIONS WITH THE JUMBO BOBBIN ∙ FRONT-LOADING BOBBIN FOR EASY ACCESS ∙ 7” RIGHT OF THE NEEDLE ∙ EASY-TO-NAVIGATE 4.3“ COLOR TOUCH SCREEN ∙ ADJUSTABLE PRESSER FOOT PRESSURE ∙ LARGE SELECTION OF SEWING STITCHES AND ALPHABETS ∙ CREATIVE SEWING CONSULTANT FOR ON THE SPOT ADVICE FRONT-LOAD JUMBO BOBBIN BECAUSE SEW TIME IS GO TIME. Fewer stops and starts is the result of a bigger bobbin that holds up to 70% more thread than standard bobbins. And since it is conveniently changed from the front, there’s no need to remove your project. ACCESSORIES MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER. From feet to bobbins, a well-designed accessory makes the sewing life the good life. A variety of BERNINA presser feet or soles come standard on 4 Series machines, adding convenience and a real easiness to your efforts. To keep them handy and organized, a nicely designed accessory case is included. As an upgrade, the B 480 machine includes a magnetic see-thru accessory box. Feet aren’t the only accessory included. There’s a slide-on freearm table that adds spacious support around the needle. Four bobbins and a dust cover complete the smart accessory package. PERFECT TENSION MAKES PERFECT STITCHES. Every aspect of the stitch, both seen and unseen, is perfect with the optimal thread tensioning of a 4 Series machine. Achieve permanent control of the thread tension once it’s adapted to the thread and fabric. Even while sewing, the thread tension adjusts automatically. And the innovative BERNINA Hook keeps every stitch perfect, consistent and precise. BERNINA HOOK INSIDE The BERNINA Hook changes everything. It’s fast while also being quiet. It’s efficient while housing a Jumbo bobbin. Keep in mind, this is no ordinary bobbin. It holds up to 70% more thread than standard bobbins and is front-loading for convenient, fast changes. That means fewer interruptions. Plus, with speeds up to 900 stitches per minute, projects get done in record time! EXTENDED FREE ARM 7” of space to the right of the needle allows more room for big projects, big quilts and even bigger creativity. FREE HAND SYSTEM Talk about convenience. The BERNINA Free Hand System lets you lift or lower the presser foot using only the knee lifter, keeping your hands free to guide your projects. The knee lifter is standard on the B 480 & B 475 QE and optional on the B 435. ADJUSTABLE PRESSER FOOT PRESSURE Apply pressure or take it off. That’s what this feature is all about. Thick fabrics need less pressure so they glide under the foot with ease. Thinner more delicate fabrics need more pressure for perfectly even stitches. Raise or lower the pressure with the click of a dial. It’s so simple so you can sew perfect. AND THAT’S NOT ALL… There are many features just waiting to make your day easier. Like the multi-function knobs, just two knobs, but oh so many functions and so easy to operate even while sewing. Or the reverse sewing and securing buttons that are conveniently located at the front of the machine and easy to reach with the thumb. Plus, you’ll love the vast selection of decorative stitches and alphabets. And freearm sewing makes it convenient and easy to handle closed projects, like cuffs.


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