Clover Dome Threaded Needle Case


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Domed needle case which holds up to ten threaded needles, keeping them very neatly organized and ready to use.

  • Handy for traveling with sewing and quilting projects.
  • Holds up to ten needles threaded with various colors and types of thread or embroidery floss.
  • Manages a variety of types of needles.
  • Access any of the ten needles in any order.
  • Convenient for projects in which you are using a variety of colors of thread.
  • Prevents thread/floss from getting tangled, windblown, cat clawed, or dirty.
  • Perfect gift for any hand-sewer, cross-stitcher, quilter, or applique artist.

To use the needle case, just stick the needle into the chosen slot.  Then turn the case, winding the thread around the inner core.  The thread/floss is protected inside the case.


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