Deborah Louie- The Theory of Walking Foot Quilting


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Come along with me in my studio in Sydney as I demonstrate step-by-step how to quilt your own quilts using the walking foot on your domestic sewing machine. Keep this book close at hand as a quick reference for choosing the correct tools and techniques when you are machine quilting. All techniques are demonstrated on my quilt titled It’s Cool To Be Square. You can follow along in exactly the same way that I prepare and quilt all of my quilts.

You will learn about preparing the fabric, piecing, threads, battings, machine set-up, sandwiching the quilt, walking foot quilting, decorative stitch quilting, stabilisation, stitch-in- the-ditch quilting, speciality threads quilting and stopping and starting techniques. Then to finish, you will learn the all-important theory of how to quilt any quilt efficiently on a domestic sewing machine. I have also included a gallery of quilts to illustrate the different techniques contained in this book.
So, make a cuppa, take a seat and enjoy.

Another skill-building book by Deborah Louie.


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