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At this time of the COVID19 pandemic, Lanaco has partnered with sewing communities to make a mask which can be supplied in large volumes, provides good protection and is made locally.

Our exciting HELIX.iso™ community mask initiative sees Lanaco joining with community sewing groups across New Zealand to supply an open source mask design that can be locally produced and then fitted with high-performance HELIX.iso™ filters for enhanced protection. This can also support communities with employment and the positive feelings of self-help.

We have provided an open-source mask body designed by HK Mask, which can be downloaded. The mask uses a special filter called HELIX.iso™, which users can fit and replace as often as possible, but have an inexpensive, easy breathing mask body which can be re-used (must be washed regularly). All contaminated filter elements must be disposed of safely and should not be re-used.

When correctly fitted, the mask with a HELIX.iso™ filter provides excellent protection and comfort to enable prolonged use.

This is not an N95 mask. N95 refers to a safety standard for industrial use. These are also becoming available, but are typically more expensive, very uncomfortable for prolonged use and unsuitable for people with breathing difficulties, under exertion, or for children (N95 is an INDUSTRIAL standard for adults in the workplace).

Filter Pack - Contains 7x single-use HELIX.iso™  filters

You can download the pattern and sewing instructions here.


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