Matilda’s Own 100% Polyester Wadding


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Matilda’s own polyester is a composite of many different polyester fibres; in order to achieve the right amount of coverage, loft, and softness we have combined a variety of fibres to get the best possible balance.

The O-sew-Soft 100% polyester on a scrim gives a similar drape and stability to the wool blend but with a slightly higher loft.

Why Buy Polyester?

Matilda’s own Polyester is the softest on the market, a very robust fibre and yet soft enough for the best projects. Great for wall hangings and high usage items.

Key Features

• 240cm Wide

• Soft and easy to needle by hand or machine

• Fine scrim to lock in fibres and prevent bearding

• Great for those with allergies

• Made in Australia from a unique blend of fibres to increase loft and produce a very soft result.

• No resin, sprays or glues



To ensure that your batting lasts as long as your

quilt, please take the best of care when washing.

This batting is machine washable. Matilda

recommends washing with “Qwash”, Matilda’s

Own quilt fabric wash with a purpose built wash

formula, or a suitable pH-neutral, low phosphate

fabric wash.

Additional information


.25, .50, .75, 1


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