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These applique pins are perfect for all your projects. They are small and thin while still maintaining their strength and quality, perfect for the delicate craft of applique.

These applique pins are made by Matildas Own. The world of quilting and sewing opens up doors to a number of varied and quite interesting projects. Quilting and sewing deals with colourful fabrics with limitless possibilities of designs. The end result is always a transformed piece of beauty. Applique is one of the major techniques that cover such sewing and quilting projects.

Essential to crafters, sewers and anyone who is passionate about quilting, Applique techniques are a popular method of sewing for both hand and machine quilters. Applique require the use of the specialized equipment and tools for the project to achieve its beautiful finish. One of the most crucial tools include Applique pins. The right Applique pins help determine the quality and smoothness of your project. Some applique projects you may like to try are quilts, clothing, wall hangings, home furnishing and even more. If you are searching for the appropriate Applique pins, then look no more!

Matildas Own Applique pins help you achieve quality work and excellence in your quilting and sewing projects.

- Matildas Own offers the best quality products. When it comes to Applique pins, you can have the confidence that they will be in your sewing kit for many years.

- This pack of Matildas Own Applique pins has a total of 100 pins and the size of each pin is 19mm x 0.6 mm.

- Designed to offer complete smoothness and ease of use, the oval shaped iron heads provide comfort and maximum efficiency during use. The design of the oval shaped iron head for every sharp Applique pin enable you to slip your thread right over without getting the working thread caught in your Applique.

- The size of the Applique pins are a handy length to help you use it effortlessly for a long duration. With pins that are 75 grams each; the dimensions are designed accurately to assist you for a smooth working process


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