Bernina Q16 on 10 Foot Frame


ongarm Quilting on Frame

  • 16″, 20″ or 24″ throat space
  • BERNINA S,C,L PRO Frame & Studio Frame
  • Stitch Regulation for perfect stitches
  • Unique digital thread tension adjustment
  • Ergonomic operation, fully from the front

Additional information

From the very first stitch, you will appreciate the thought behind every detail

The BERNINA Q 16 PLUS, Q 20 and Q 24 are longarm quilting machines and only differ in the length of the throat space.

  • Throat space of Q 24: 24 inches
  • Throat space of Q 20: 20 inches
  • Throat space of Q 16 PLUS: 16 inches

For the Q 24 and Q 20, BERNINA offers the quilting frame in three sizes: "Small PRO", "Classic PRO" and "Large PRO". The BERNINA Studio Frame is suitable for use with the Q 16 PLUS and Q 20.


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