Carry Bag for Small Sewing Machines


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The sewing machine bag by bernette is suited for transporting your sewing machine. Inside pads support the secure transport and take care of the perfect condition of your sewing machine even when going on long journeys. The sturdy construction protects your machine against external impacts and is easy to clean after the use. Apart from that, various inside pockets provide additional storage space for accessory parts.

Go through the versatile accessories by bernette and discover the reliable sewing machine bag for travelling!

Suitable for:

Category A      1          Milan 2, Moscow 2, Milan 3, Moscow 3, Rome 3

Category A      2          Milan 5, Moscow 5, Rome 5, Milan 7, Moscow 7, Rome 7

Category A      3          Milan 8, Moscow 8, Rome 8

Category B      1          Chicago 5

Category B      2          Chicago 7

Category D      1          Sew & go 1, Sew & Go 3, Sew & Go 5

Category D      2          Sew & Go 7, Sew & Go 8                    

Category E       1          B05 Crafter

Category E       2          B05 Academy 

Category F       1          b33, b35

Category F       2          b37, b38


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