Foot 07 V Tailor Tack


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2 in stock (can be backordered)

Suitable for seam markings

For sewing elegant embellishments and imitation hemstitch

For fringes and 3D effects

The hemstitch specialist

For 5.5 mm and 9 mm machines


As well as for marking seam lines, Tailor Tack Foot #7 can be used for sewing elegant embellishments, imitation hemstitch (fagotting), fringe, and 3D effects.


When sewing together two pieces of fabric with Tailor Tack Foot #7 the thread tension is loosened slightly, so that the thread can pass easily over the ridge in the center of the foot. The zigzag stitch used forms loose loops which then slide off to the back thanks to the special V-shaped opening on the foot.

For marking seam lines or darts, the fabric is carefully pulled apart after sewing.  The Tailor Tack Foot #7 can also be used for decorative purposes.


Please include the model of your machine in the comments section when placing an order to ensure you get the correct item.



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