Foot 16V Gathering – Narrow


Additional information

Available on back-order

Professional tool for uneven gathering

For gathering individual fabric layers

For gathering and simultaneously sewing onto a flat piece of fabric.

For thin and medium-weight materials

Results in characteristic gathering

For 5.5 mm and 9 mm machines


Gathering Foot #16 is suitable for gathering lightweight-to-medium weight  fabrics. The fabric is gathered automatically while being sewn.

What’s more, the special indentation in the sole of Gathering Foot #16 allows you to sew the material being gathered to a flat piece of fabric in a single operation. For this, the flat material is slipped into the indentation so that it isn’t gathered at the same time.  

Gathering Foot #16 is available in two different widths. The wider version is designed for use with sewing machines with a stitch width of up to 9 mm.


Please include the model of your machine in the comments section when placing an order to ensure you get the correct item.




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