Foot 26V Drop Shape Embroidery


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The universal embroidery foot

For darning fine fabrics

For optimal results, use the straight-stitch plate

The shape of the presser-foot sole helps create an attractive embroidery result.

For 5.5 mm and 9 mm machines


Thanks to its special design, Drop-Shaped Embroidery Foot #26 is the expert when it comes to optimum fabric grip and attractive embroidery results.  The design of the sole as well as the teardrop-shaped needle opening  provide for a secure grip, reducing the risk of damaging the upper thread.

In addition, Drop-Shaped Embroidery Foot #26 features a vertical spring (hopper) which presses on the fabric when the needle is lifted, thereby preventing flagging.  Drop-Shaped Embroidery Foot #26 is a free-motion presser foot which is ideal both for embroidering and executing free-motion sewing techniques with the machine.  Furthermore, Drop-Shaped Embroidery Foot #26 can also be used to darn delicate fabrics.


Please include the model of your machine in the comments section when placing an order to ensure you get the correct item.




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