Foot 68 – 2mm Roll and Shell Hemmer


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Quick Narrow Hems in One Step Roll and shell hemmer foot # 68 (2mm)  is ideally suited for hemming soft fabrics such as T-shirts or undergarments. A scroll on the foot feeds the fabric edge from the front and turns it under twice, all in one operation. This produces a narrow, sturdy hem, which in combination with the corresponding stitch type creates the popular scalloped (or shell) hem. Roll and shell hemmer foot # 68 is equipped with a 2 mm wide guide. This guide is deeper and rounder than is usual with hemmer feet, enabling a decorative, slightly three-dimensional hem pattern to feed through freely. When purchasing feet, please select which version of foot which fits your machine. The ‘standard’ version of foot fits older machines from the Bernina 910-1630. The ‘v version’ fits the newer Bernina machine models from the Activa 125 upwards.


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