Presser Foot Set 9mm Machines

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5 presser feet comprising a useful basic set

Contents: Jeans Foot #8D, Edgestitch Foot #10D, Open Embroidery Foot #20D, Reverse Pattern Foot with Clear Sole #34D, Patchwork Foot #97D

For 9 mm machines with BERNINA Dual Feed system


The Presser-foot Set D contains 5 selected presser feet enabling you to sew the most popular stitches and perform the most common sewing tasks.


Representing a useful basic kit for a host of sewing projects both large and small, the Presser-foot set D contains the following 5 presser feet, each one offering the added benefit of Dual Feed compatibility:

Jeans Foot #8D, for sewing heavy and medium weight fabrics

Edgestitch Foot #10D, versatile for topstitching edges, hems and pleats

Open Embroidery Foot #20D, for embroidering and appliquéing with your sewing machine

Reverse Pattern Foot with Clear Sole #34D, for an excellent view of the stitching area when sewing utility and decorative stitches

Patchwork Foot #97D with guide, for attractive, precision patchworking.


Please include the model of your machine in the comments section when placing an order to ensure you get the correct item.



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