Guide for Metallic and Silk Thread

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High-quality sewing with metallic & silk threads

For fascinating sewing or embroidery results

Higher stitching accuracy and quality

For projects using twin and triple needles

Guide holds metallic & silk threads on the spool

The Guide Eyelet for Metallic and Silk Thread serves as an additional thread guide when sewing or embroidering, preventing metallic and silk threads from slipping off the spool. Thanks to its special design, it also allows you to work with two or three threads simultaneously.

Suitable for working with double and triple needles.  The Guide eyelet also enables accurate sewing of utility and decorative stitches.  Enjoy smooth and accurate sewing and embroidery with the Guide Eyelet for Metallic and Silk Thread.

The Guide Eyelet for Metallic and Silk Thread offers improved stitching accuracy and quality of workmanship in both large and small projects.

It is suitable for use with a wide range of BERNINA sewing machines, from the entry-level model to the sophisticated 8 Series.


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