Midi Embroidery Hoop


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Get perfect results

Uniform tension on the fabric surface

Optimum use of the embroidery fleece

Ergonomic twist lock

Template for exact placement

Max. embroidery area 265 x 165 mm


Hooping any fabric with the BERNINA Midi Embroidery Hoop is so easy.  Due to the reliable ergonomic twist-lock-mechanism, the hoop can be opened and closed with a touch of a finger.  The BERNINA Midi Embroidery Hoop features the same comfort and precision as the  Maxi and Jumbo Hoop, and suits perfectly for medium-sized embroidery motifs.


Four reasons why you should buy the BERNINA Midi Embroidery Hoop:

Comfortable hooping and removing the fabric

Maximum tension with little effort

No waste of stabilizer anymore

Maximum area for embroidery: 10.5 x 6.5 inch​ / 265 x 165 mm


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