Washaway Stabilizer – 75cm wide


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75cm wide Washaway Fabric is a starch based stabiliser. 

Wash-away stabilizer

Wash-away embroidery stabilizer completely dissolves in water. The advantage is that there is no visible stabilizer residue left behind. A stabilizer that can be washed away is particularly suitable for fabrics such as organza or tulle. This type of stabilizer is also used to embroider freestanding designs (freestanding lace) and does not require any fabric at all.

This product washes away in luke warm water. 

Tip: first cut away the excess stabilizer, then place the project in a container of lukewarm water so that it doesn’t have to be rinsed out for as long. Then allow to dry. If the fabric is too stiff after drying, repeat the "wash cycle". For freestanding embroidery designs, you want to deliberately maintain the stability.


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